• You will be notified prior to the photo shoot date by letter from your child’s school.
  • On the day of the photo shoot we arrive before the start time to set up, with little disruption to the children and we set up our backdrops and lights.
  • We have a system to work through photographing each class fast and efficiently, this involves photographing each child individually or with any siblings present in the school.
  • Once the photo shoot is finished we begin creating our proof ordering forms for every child which we return to the school within a few days, and are passed out to every child to take home.
  • You simply choose the pack that you would like to purchase, tick the box and fill in your details, enclose the correct money in the envelope and return it to the school within 14 days.
  • If you have any queries you can contact us directly on 041 6862730 or email us at
  • We return to the school after the 14 days and collect all the order forms, bring them back to our office where they are edited and printed within a few days.
  • The photographs are then packed and returned to the school.
  • We also photograph full school, staff, class and sports groups if required by the school.
  • If you miss the deadline for returning your proof order form to the school you can post it directly to us with your name, address and phone number attached in an envelope along with the payment for the desired photo pack including the 5 euro late order fee and we will post the photos directly back to you.