Family photography, and family portraits in particular, are a completely unique genre of photography art. A good family photoset doesn’t happen accidentally – it is an event that has to be very well planned and thoroughly prepared in detail. In Emerald Photography we have dealt with hundreds of family photoshoots and we know exactly how to organise them in a way that brings the desired high-quality outcomes. We know that posing for the camera is generally hard for people and we know how to ease that stress for families by guiding you through the entire photoshoot process and transforming it into a fun day out.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a rich experience in organising family photoshoots.
  • We know how to guide you so that you feel comfortable.
  • You can choose a location that is important to you, whether outdoor, at home or in a studio setting.
  • We will consult you on the overall style of the photoshoot and discuss the details prior the actual appointment.
  • After the photoshoot you will have a wide selection of photographs that you can choose from.